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Admission into Notre Dame Law School as a transfer student is based upon your prelaw qualifications and level of success at your previous law school. To be eligible, you must have completed one year at a school approved by the American Bar Association. We accept a maximum of 30 credit hours. It is recommended that students interested in transfer pursue a course load roughly similar to that required of first-year students at NDLS. The 1L schedule includes: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Research and Writing, Property, and Torts. Transfer applicants may be admitted even if they are missing these requirements if the remainder of their application is strong. These students will be required to take the required courses during their second year at NDLS.

Transfer applicants may participate in a writing competition for a position with a Notre Dame law journal while in the application process. If you are interested in studying law at Notre Dame for a semester, or a year, you may apply as a visiting student.

An online application for transfer admission is available at our Law School Admissions Committee application website from April 1 through July 1. Interested candidates may apply after receiving first semester grades for 1L year, and any admissions decision will be contingent upon satisfactory second semester grades. If you are unable to fully access the LSAC electronic application service, you may submit your application form, personal statement, and resume directly to the Law School. Please email for an application.

The Admission Process
Notre Dame Law School admits new transfer students for the fall term only and begins accepting applications April 15 for the following fall’s class. Given the competitive nature of admission, we advise you to apply early in the admission cycle. We have a rolling admissions process for transfer applicants; you will be notified of our decision as soon as possible. More information regarding transfer students is in the 2015 Standard 509 Information Report.

Employing a whole-person review, we seek to enroll multi-dimensional students—those with a wide range of talents, backgrounds, experiences, accomplishments, and points of view. While academic performance as a first-year law student and your LSAT score are important, we look at a broad array of attributes. Decisions are made on individual applications as quickly as possible; however, our timeframe will vary. A rolling admission process allows for extending the review process as appropriate, ensuring that each application receives full and individualized attention in the context of careful comparison to other complete applicants. There is no waitlist process for transfer candidates.

Application Dates
April 15: Applications Open
July 1: Application Filing Deadline
July 15: All Applications Materials Must be Received

Application Requirements
Application Fee ($75)
Personal statement
LSAT Score (Register with LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service. Notre Dame’s number for use of the service is 1841.)
TOEFL (Required if Applicable)
Two letters of recommendation
Official undergraduate transcript with degree conferral
Official Law School transcript for all first-year coursework
Letter of Good Standing (This letter should include class rank if applicable for your current law school.)
Please note that we prefer to receive all documents via the LSAC Credential Assembly Service.

Mailing Address
University of Notre Dame Law School
Office of Admissions
1329 Biolchini Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Loan Assistance
We are not able to offer scholarship assistance to incoming transfer students. Transfer students are eligible for Dean’s Circle fellowships in their third year of law school. In order for a student to apply for federal loan programs, you first need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Notre Dame’s School Code is 001840.

Law Journal Write-on Competition
As a transfer applicant you are eligible to participate in the Notre Dame law journals write-on competition. You may request an information packet from Director of Student Services Peter Horvath. Submissions for the write-on competition may be due before you have a transfer admissions decision. Please note that admission decisions and selection decisions for a law journal are made independently throughout the summer.

FAQs: Transfer Students
Each year the Law School considers applications from students at other law schools who would like to continue their studies at NDLS. Read here for information about applying to the Law School as a transfer student.
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Visiting Students

A student enrolled and in good standing at another ABA accredited law school may apply as a visiting student at Notre Dame Law School for up to one academic year. Note that a visiting student is one who plans to transfer credits earned at Notre Dame to the home law school. Visiting students are charged Notre Dame Law School’s tuition—rather than their home institution’s rate—while enrolled here.

Visiting students are required to submit the following:

  • an application form
  • a brief statement indicating the reason(s) for seeking admission
  • a letter from the dean’s office of the home school granting approval to enroll at Notre Dame Law School as a visiting student
  • an official law school transcript

Applications should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the desired term of enrollment. Please submit the above content to: Admissions, 1329 Biolchini Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556.


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