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Eligibility to Study at Notre Dame Law School
Your home school must have an exchange agreement with Notre Dame Law School. The DS-2019 process can only begin after your participating home institution program director contacts the Law School to confirm selection and attendance of their respective candidates. Current exchange agreements exist with Brocconi University in Milan, Italy and Catholic University of Chile, Peking University and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

J-1 Visa
If admitted to one of the Law School’s semester long exchange programs, students will be contacted by the Admissions Office to provide financial documentation to begin the visa process. Once students submit sufficient financial documentation the university will issue the student a Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange (J-1) Visitor Status via the DS-2019 form.

Whether students have a sponsor or are self-supporting, students must show a bank statement, a letter from a bank, or a letter and a bank statement from a person or organization who will provide support. Students must provide proof of support sufficient to cover their expenditures for one complete semester.

Housing and Transportation
The University’s Office of International Student Services has additional information pertaining to the visa processes, housing and transportation.

Please direct all visa questions to Bill LaFleur at


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