General Information
As a result of the generosity of Notre Dame Law School alums and other supportive benefactors, each year Notre Dame Law School is uniquely able to award renewable merit- and need-based scholarships to a portion of its entering class.

Merit-Based Scholarships
All admitted students are considered for merit-based scholarships. This consideration is primarily based upon each student’s academic merit as viewed against the group of admitted students in each particular year. Additional factors considered may include overall academic excellence, leadership skills, community service, or other outstanding personal or professional accomplishments. Applicants desiring consideration for merit-based scholarships are encouraged to submit a completed application at the earliest possible date.

Scholarship Notification
Admitted students receiving merit- and/or need-based scholarships will be notified of their awards beginning in February. This notification may either come separate from a letter offering admission (in the case of students who have applied early in the application review process), or may be included with a student’s admission letter (as in the case of a student who applied later in the application review process).

Scholarship Retention
Merit-based scholarships are automatically renewed for those students who remain in academic good standing as defined by the Law School’s Hoynes Code of student conduct.

Scholarships with Special Applications Processes

Polking Family Fellowship
The Polking Family Fellowship aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders who understand that law and public policy are essential elements in building a sustainable culture of life. Recipients of this fellowship will receive a scholarship along with the opportunity to work closely with the Center for Ethics and Culture. Polking Fellows will participate in the life and work of the Center and will be invited to attend and participate in special Center events, work with its visiting fellows, interact with speakers and guests of the Center, conduct scholarly research, and receive special career mentoring and summer internship opportunities.

To apply for the Polking Family Fellowship:
- Students must apply for admission to Notre Dame Law School as a first-year J.D. student.
- In addition to their regular application materials, students should also submit an additional personal statement outlining their specific interest in the Polking Family Fellowship. This statement should be no longer than two pages, double-spaced. The statement should have the student’s name and LSAC number in the header. Students should send this statement as a PDF attachment to an email, addressed to the Office of Admissions at Please include “Polking Fellowship Personal Statement” in the subject line of the email.
- The deadline for submitting this personal statement is Dec. 1, 2016.

The Selection Committee will notify students of their status in mid-February.

External Scholarships
It may be the case that a particular student’s merit- or need-based scholarship will not cover the full cost of tuition at Notre Dame Law School. Students seeking additional scholarship awards may consider a variety of national and regional scholarships and fellowships that are offered by philanthropic organizations throughout the U.S. Search our external scholarship website for alternative scholarship opportunities.


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