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Sandy Brown Memorial Scholarship

Award: at least $500
Eligibility: National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) members;
Rising 2nd or 3rd year law students
Deadline: November of each year

  • Misc Org
    Santa Barbara Women Lawyers Foundation Scholarships

    Award: $1,000
    Eligibility: Santa Barbara County, California residents at the time of application;
    Special consideration given to students reentering work force, single parents & applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to promoting gender equality;
    Financial need, academic record, extracurricular activities, & leadership potential
    Deadline: May of each year
    Santa Barbara Women Lawyers Foundation
    P.O. Box 20086
    Santa Barbara, CA 93120-0085

      • CA
      Santa Clara La Raza Lawyers Scholarship

      Award: $1,000 – $5,000
      Eligibility: You must be a PRESENTLY enrolled La Raza law student currently enrolled in law school;
      San Francisco Bay area resident (as defined by the sponsor on a case-by-case basis);
      Community activities, academic accomplishment, & financial need
      Deadline: July of each year

        • CA
        Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt 1L Diversity Scholarship Program

        Award: $7,500 and a paid summer associate position
        Eligibility: Applicant must possess a record of academic achievement, capacity and leadership as an undergraduate and in law school which evidences promise for a successful career in the legal profession;
        • Applicant must contribute to the diversity of the law school student body and the legal community;
        • Applicant must demonstrate a commitment to practice law in the Pacific Northwest upon completion of law school
        Deadline: January of each year

            Scott County Bar Association Scholarships

            Award: $500
            Eligibility: Scott County, Iowa residents or children of members of the Scott County Bar Association;
            Currently enrolled or planning to enroll at law school
            Contact: – (309) 786-4900

            • Bar Association
            • IA
            Section of Business Law Scholarships For CLEO Fellows

            Award: $1,000
            Eligibility: ABA law student division members;
            1st or 2nd year law students at ABA-accredited law schools;
            Participated, in either of the 2 previous years, in a CLEO pre-law summer institute program or pre-law weekend program;
            Deadline: January of each year
            Contact: – (312) 988-5627

                Selected Professions Fellowships For Women Of Color

                Award: $5,000 – $12,000
                Eligibility: Women of color;
                Entering final year of study;
                U.S. Citizenship or permanent resident status required;
                Deadline: January of each year
                Contact: – (319) 337-1716

                • Diversity
                  Serbian Bar Association Of America Scholarship

                  Award: $500 – $2,000
                  Eligibility: Serbian birth or ancestry;
                  Currently enrolled at an accredited law school in the U.S.
                  Deadline: October of each year
                  Serbian Bar Association of America
                  260 Maple St.
                  Beecher, IL 60401
                  (312) 578-0400

                  • Diversity
                    Shanker Graduate Scholarships

                    Award: $6,000 over 3 years
                    Eligibility: Former recipients of the Albert Shanker College Scholarships (low-income students who graduated from NYC public school system);
                    Going to graduate school immediately after college;
                    Must have high academic standing, demonstrate leadership qualities, & meet family income requirements
                    Deadline: April of each year
                    Contact: United Federation of Teachers, New York, NY
                    (212) 539-0500

                    • Diversity
                    • NY
                    Sherman & Sterling Scholarships

                    Award: $13,500 per year; also a $1,500 allowance to attend the sponsor’s Civil Rights Institute
                    Eligibility: African Americans;
                    Applying to or already enrolled in law school;
                    Must present outstanding academic records, above-average LSAT scores, mature & definitive career objectives, & exceptional university & community service
                    Deadline: March of each year
                    Contact: – (212) 965-2225

                    • Diversity
                      Sho Sato Memorial Scholarship

                      Award: amount not specified
                      Eligibility: Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) members;
                      Currently enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited law school;
                      Must submit a statement describing present level of involvement in the JACL or Asian Pacific community & how they will continue involvement in the future;
                      Academic record, extracurricular activities, financial need, & community involvement
                      Deadline: April of each year
                      Contact: – (415) 921-5225

                      • Diversity
                      • Misc Org
                        Sidley Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

                        Award: $15,000 per year
                        Eligibility: Be of diverse background; Be a second year law student; preference to students at schools where Sidley conducts on-campus interviews (OCI) or participates in a resume collection; Have demonstrated academic achievement and leadership qualities; Have a demonstrated ability to contribute meaningfully to the diversity of the law school and/or legal profession
                        Deadline: June

                        • Diversity
                          Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Intellectual Property Law School Scholarships

                          Award: $10,000 per year
                          Eligibility: Underrepresented minority groups;
                          Currently enrolled in or accepted to an ABA-accredited law school;
                          U.S. Citizens with a demonstrated intent to engage in the full-time practice of intellectual property law. Recipients are required to join & maintain membership in American Intellectual Property Law Association

                          1) Demonstrated commitment to developing a career in intellectual property law; 2) academic performance at undergraduate, graduate, & law school levels; 3) general factors, such as leadership skills, community activities, or special accomplishments; and 4) financial need

                          Deadline: March of each year
                          Contact: – (212) 634-1870

                          • Diversity
                            Somerset County Bar Association Foundation Scholarship

                            Award: $500 – $1,500
                            Eligibility: Somerset County, New Jersey residents;
                            Attending or planning to attend law school
                            Deadline: May of each year
                            Contact: Somerset County Bar Association, Somerville, NJ
                            (908) 595-1212

                              • NJ
                              South Asian Bar Association Of Southern California Scholarships

                              Award: $500
                              Eligibility: South Asian Bar Association (SABA) members, of south Asian ancestry;
                              Enrolled in law school;
                              Commitment & devotion to public interest & activism & service within the south Asian community &/or the larger southern California community
                              Deadline: April of each year
                              South Asian Bar Association Public Interest Foundation
                              P.O. Box 81-1423
                              Los Angeles, CA 90081
                              (310) 208-1182

                              • Bar Association
                              • Diversity
                                Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association Scholarship

                                Award: $2,000
                                Eligibility: Greene County, Missouri resident, a graduate of a school in that county, or the child or grandchild of a member or former member of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association;
                                In final year of undergraduate school or have earned an undergraduate degeee & applied to attend an accredited law school on a full-time basis
                                Deadline: March of each year
                                Contact: Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, Springfield, MO
                                (417) 831-2783

                                • Bar Association
                                • MO
                                St. Thomas More Society Law School Scholarship

                                Award: $3,000
                                Eligibility: Parish member within the Diocese of Worcester (MA);
                                Attending or have a letter of acceptance from an accredited law school
                                Deadline: June of each year
                                Contact: St. Thomas More Society, Worcester, MA
                                (508) 701-7171

                                • Misc Org
                                • MA
                                Stamford Bar Association Foundation And Loan Program

                                Award: up to $1,000
                                Eligibility: Stamford-Darien area, Connecticut residents;
                                Stamford Bar Association Foundation Scholarship
                                P.O. Box 1732
                                Darien, CT 06820
                                (203) 327-7041

                                  • CT
                                  Stephen Bufton Memorial Scholarship

                                  Award: $10,000 over two years
                                  Eligibility: female citizen;
                                  current student; entering student;
                                  min GPA of 2.5
                                  Deadline: March of each year
                                  To obtain application, write to: Sandra Ward, 4802 Chervil Court, Indianapolis, IN 46237
                                  (816) 361-6621

                                  • Diversity
                                    The Console & Hollawell $1,000 Legal Leaders Scholarship

                                    Award: $1,000
                                    Eligibility: Must be a U.S. citizen.

                                    - Must be a full-time student attending (or planning to attend on a full-time basis) an accredited institution of higher education.

                                    - Must demonstrate admission and plans to enroll, or proof of current enrollment in an accredited institution of higher education. *If you have not yet received your acceptance into college or law school, you may still apply, but the scholarship will not be released without proof of acceptance and enrollment.

                                    - Academic achievement as reflected by a minimum 3.0 GPA.

                                    Deadline: July 15

                                        The Frederick Rakestraw Law Scholarship

                                        Award: $1,000
                                        Eligibility: Applicants must have been residents of Fulton County, Indiana for at least three years during their high school career, accepted into a graduate program, enrolled in any school of law in the United States and have a cumulative GPA of 2.25
                                        Deadline: June of each year
                                        Contact: – 1-574-223-2227 or toll-free at 1-877-432-6423

                                          • IN
                                          The Kaplan Group Annual Scholarship

                                          Award: $1,000
                                          Eligibility: Law degree program
                                          Deadline: July

                                              The Warren County Bar Foundation Scholarship

                                              Award: $1,500-$3,000
                                              Eligibility: Students admitted to a an accredited law school who reside in Warren County, New York or a contiguous County. Scholastic record, financial need and a commitment to the successful completion of law school are amont the factors considered.
                                              Deadline: August 1
                                              Contact: Lisa Bushman at the Warren County Bar Association, 40 Dix Avenue – Suite C, Glens Falls, NY 12801, 518-792-9239 or online at:

                                                  Thomas F. Black, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

                                                  Award: $15,000
                                                  Eligibility: Rhode Island residents;
                                                  Entering first year of law school;
                                                  Full-time student;
                                                  Demonstrated good character, scholastic achievement, & financial need
                                                  Deadline: March of each year
                                                  Contact: – (401) 421-5740

                                                    • RI
                                                    Thomas M. McGovern Scholarship

                                                    Award: $400 – $800 per year
                                                    Eligibility: Bristol County, Massachusetts current & former residents;
                                                    Completed 1 year of law school;
                                                    Financial need
                                                    Deadline: April of each year
                                                    Sabra & Aspen, P.A.
                                                    1026 County Street
                                                    Somerset, MA 02726
                                           – (508) 990-1303

                                                      • MA


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                                                      2013 Commencement

                                                      184 J.D. graduates, 15 LL.M. graduates, 3 J.S.D. graduates received degrees during the May 18, 2013, diploma ceremony on the lawn overlooking the Hesburgh Library’s reflecting pool.

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