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Hermine Dalkowitz Tobolowsky Scholarship

Award: amount not specified
Eligibility: Women in Texas;
Must have completed at least 2 semesters of study at an accredited college or university in Texas & have a GPA of 3.0 or higher ;
U.S. Citizen;
Academic achievement & financial need
Deadline: January of each year
Contact: – (817) 283-0862

    • TX
    Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson 1st Year Diversity Student Fellowship

    Award: $7,500 and a salaried summer associate position
    Eligibility:Diverse background and life experiences, and capacity to contribute meaningfully to the diversity of the legal community.
    Distinction in academic performance; significant accomplishments and activities; and commitment to community service.
    Leadership ability.
    A need for financial assistance may be considered.
    Deadline: January of each year

    • Diversity
      Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund

      Award: $2,500 per year
      Eligibility: Illinois Latino residents;
      First year students;
      Academic achievement, financial need, & contributions to the Latino community
      Deadline: March of each year
      Contact: – (312) 569-1135

      • Diversity
      • IL
      Honorable Harrison W. Ewing Fellowships

      Award: $1,400
      Eligibility: Alpha Chi Omega sorority members;
      Academic achievement, financial need, chapter involvement, community/campus involvement
      Deadline: March of each year
      Contact: – (317) 579-5050

      • Misc Org
        Hopi Tribal Priority Scholarship

        Award: amount not specified
        Eligibility: Enrolled members of the Hopi Tribe;
        Academic merit & the likelihood that applicants will use their training & expertise for tribal goals & objectives
        Deadline: July of each year
        Contact: Hopi Tribe, Kykotsmovi, AZ – (800) 762-9630

        • Diversity
          Horizons Foundation Scholarship Program

          Award: $500 – $2,000
          Women working in or planning such careers in national security fields;
          Must 1) be currently enrolled at accredited college/university either part- or full-time; 2) demonstrate financial need; 3) be U.S. citizens; 4) 3.25 GPA or higher, and 5) demonstrate interest in preparing for a career related to national security
          Academic achievement, participation in defense & national security activities, field of study, work experience, statements & objectives, recommendations & financial need
          Deadline: July 1 of each year for fall semester; November 1 of each year for spring semester
          Contact: – (703) 247-2552

          • Diversity
            Howard Brown Rickard Scholarships

            Award: $3,000 – $12,000
            Eligibility: Legally Blind; pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time, postsecondary course of study in a degree program at a United States’ institution;
            Academic excellence, service to the community, & financial need
            Deadline: March of each year
            Contact: – (641) 236-3366

            • Disability
              Howard Fox Memorial Law Scholarship

              Award: $3,000
              Eligibility: Berks County, Pennsylvania resident;
              Entering 2nd year of law school;
              Financial need is considered in selection process
              Deadline: April 1
              Contact: – 610-685-2223

                • PA
                Hudson County Bar Foundation Scholarships

                Award: $2,000
                Eligibility: Hudson County, New Jersey residents;
                Must demonstrate financial need;
                Must be willing to volunteer at the Hudson County Bar Foundation Law Library
                Deadline: March of each year
                Contact: Hudson County Bar Foundation, Jersey City, NJ
                (201) 798-4708

                  • NJ
                  Humane Studies Fellowships

                  Award: $2,000 – $12,000
                  Eligibility: Full-time students;
                  Must have clearly demonstrated interest in the classical liberal/libetarian tradition of individual rights & market economics;
                  Academic or professional performance, relevance of work to the advancement of a free society, & potential for success
                  Deadline: December of each year
                  Contact: – (800) 697-8799

                  • Interest
                    Illinois Bar Foundation Scholarship

                    Award: $3000
                    Eligibility: 2Ls/3Ls, with preference given to those who plan to practice in Illinois following graduation;
                    academic performance, extracurricular involvement, financial need
                    Deadline: October 1 (submit to 112 Law School)

                      • IL
                      Indiana CLEO

                      Award: $9,000
                      Eligibility: Indiana citizen or graduate of an Indiana college/university
                      Deadline: February 14

                        • IN
                        Indiana Sheriff’s Association Scholarship Program

                        Award: $500
                        Eligibility: Indiana Resident;
                        Committed to pursuing and education and career in law enforcement at an IN college or univ;
                        Applicant must be a member of the association, or dependent child, or grandchild of current member;
                        full-time student;
                        Deadline: April 1
                        P.O. Box 19127
                        Indianapolis, IN 46219

                        • Misc Org
                        • IN
                        Indiana State Bar Association Utility Law Section

                        Eligibility: Studying at one of the four ABA accredited law schools in Indiana.
                        Deadline: August 1
                        Contact: Michelle Gill
                        Indiana Bar Foundation
                        230 E. Ohio Street, 4th Floor
                        Indianapolis, IN 46204
                        (317) 269-2415

                          • IN
                          International Public Management Association For Human Resources Graduate Study Fellowship

                          Award: $2,000 per year maximum
                          Eligibility: Professional members of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources for at least 1 year ;
                          At least 5 years of full-time professional experience;
                          Academic record, demonstrated leadership abilities, & commitment to public service. Financial need is not considered in the selection process
                          Deadline: May of each year
                          Contact: – (703) 549-7100

                          • Misc Org
                            Iranian American Bar Association Law Student Scholarship

                            Award: $3,000
                            Eligibility: be accepted or enrolled in a full time (3Ls and LLMs are eligible) accredited U.S. law school (UCI School of Law applications will be accepted), (2) have demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of the Iranian-American community, and (3) be of Iranian heritage.
                            Deadline: March 31

                            • Diversity
                              Isabelle Durrah Legal Scholarship

                              Award: amount not specified
                              Eligibility: Residents of the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area;
                              1st, 2nd, & 3rd year J.D. students;
                              2.5 GPA or higher
                              Deadline: June of each year
                              Contact: Barristers’ Spouses of the District of Columbia, Inc., Washington, DC
                              (202) 244-1081

                                • DC
                                Italian American Lawyers Association Scholarship

                                Award: $2,500
                                Eligibility: Los Angeles County, California residents;
                                Italian American heritage;
                                Academic achievement, potential contribution to the Italian American community, & financial need;
                                Deadline: September of each year

                                • Diversity
                                • CA
                                J.L. Turner Legal Association Minority Law Student Texas Bar Review Scholarship

                                Award: Amount not specified: cost of bar review course and other bar-related expenses.
                                Eligibility: U.S. citizen;
                                Be enrolled in an accredited law school;
                                be in good academic standing;
                                Deadline: September 15

                                • Diversity
                                  Jack & Sayde Gibson Scholarship

                                  Award: amount not specified
                                  African American law students who have a 2.5 GPA or higher;
                                  Applicants should have 1) taken an entertainment law or sports law related course, 2) actively participated in entertainment or sports law field through an internship or job, or 3) attended an entertainment or sports law seminar or conference after beginning law school
                                  Must have assisted at conferences, events, or in the office of the Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association

                                  Contact: – (866) 273-4935

                                  • Diversity
                                  • Interest
                                    Jack Lyle Scholarship (Sponsored by the Indiana Lawyers Alliance)

                                    Award: amount not specified
                                    Eligibility: 2-3 year Law Student;
                                    Academic Excellence;
                                    Good Citizenship and leadership skills;
                                    Plans to practice in Indiana;
                                    Indiana Resident;
                                    Not receiving other scholarships;
                                    Deadline: Odd Years Notre Dame
                                    Theresa Browning
                                    Director of Development and Communications
                                    Indiana Bar Foundation
                                    230 East Ohio Street
                                    Indianapolis, IN 46204
                                    Direct: 317-269-7864
                                    Fax: 317-329-4867

                                      • IN
                                      Jackson County Bar Association Scholarship

                                      Award: $2,000
                                      Eligibility: Jackson County, Michigan resident;
                                      2.5 GPA or higher;
                                      Enrolled full- or part-time;
                                      Academic achievement, an essay on career objectives, community involvement, & law school activities. Financial need is not considered
                                      Deadline: April of each year
                                      Jackson County Bar Association, Jackson, MI
                                      (517) 768-8568

                                        • MI
                                        James F. Connolly LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions Scholarship

                                        Award: $3,000
                                        Eligibility: Library school graduates working on a law degree;
                                        Have no more than 36 semester credit hours of study remaining before qualifying for law degree;
                                        Have meaningful law library experience;
                                        Evidence of financial need must be submitted. Preference is given to librarians who have demonstrated an interest in government publications
                                        Deadline: April of each year
                                        Contact: – (312) 939-4764

                                        • Interest
                                          James I. Smith Notre Dame Law School Scholarship Fund

                                          Award: amount not specified
                                          Eligibility: Residents of Allegheny County, PA;
                                          Deadline: April of each year

                                            • PA
                                            James N. Kincanon Merit Scholarship

                                            Award: amount not specified
                                            Eligibility: Residents of the city of Roanoke, the city of Salem, and the county of Roanoke (in Virginia) or graduates of high schools in those jurisdictions;
                                            3.0 GPA or higher;
                                            Must be accepted or expect to be accepted to law school
                                            Deadline: March of each year
                                            Contact: – (540) 342-4905



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