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The Reiter & Walsh Birth Injury "Caring for Life" Annual Scholarship

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Be a U.S citizen or permanent resident.
A law student at an accredited U.S. law school or an undergraduate/ graduate student at an accredited U.S. university who sustained an injury at birth or has an immediate family member (brother, sister, mother or father) affected by a birth injury.
Enrolled as a full time student and have a current GPA of at least 3.0.
Requirements: Applicants must submit by 5:00 pm (CST) on July 31st, 2015
A check for $1,500 will be made payable to the award recipient’s school to cover these expenses.

Website and application

      The Sanders Firm Scholarship Award

      Who is Eligible?
      All scholarship candidates must be:
      Accepted, or enrolled in a 4- year college or university program, OR
      Accepted, or enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school
      AND have maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA at their current educational institution

      Scholarship Award: $1,000

      All applications are due by June 30


          The St. Joseph County Bar Foundation, Inc. Tuition Stipend Program

          The St. Joseph County Bar Foundation, Inc. (“Bar Foundation”) was formed in 2009 to serve as the philanthropic arm of the St. Joseph County Bar Association. The purpose of the Bar Foundation is to establish, support and conduct programs and activities designed to promote the public’s understanding of law and the legal system and to establish and award scholarships for the study of law.

          Consistent with its mission, the Bar Foundation has developed a tuition stipend program aimed at assisting first year law students at the University of Notre Dame Law School and Valparaiso University Law School who are from St. Joseph County and are intending to reside and practice law in St. Joseph County upon graduation. Priority will be given to students exhibiting financial need and who represent the opportunity to enhance, broadly, diversity within the profession. The Bar Foundation intends to work with the admissions offices at both law schools to identify students meeting these criteria. The tuition stipend amount is $5,000 a semester and is paid directly to the law school to the credit of the student’s account.

          Selection Criteria
          1. Resides in St. Joseph County;
          2. Accepted for admission at the University of Notre Dame Law School or Valparaiso University Law School;
          3. Intends to reside and practice law in St. Joseph County upon graduation;
          4. Exhibits financial need; and
          5. Represents the opportunity to enhance, broadly, diversity within the profession.

          Additional Information
          1. Candidates who meet these criteria and have an interest in applying for tuition assistance to the Bar Foundation should be referred to the President of the Bar Foundation Board of Directors, Richard L. Hill at (574) 239-1937 or
          2. Questions or if additional information is required, please also contact the above.

          • Bar Association
          • IN
          The Warren County Bar Foundation Scholarship

          Award: $1,500-$3,000
          Eligibility: Students admitted to a an accredited law school who reside in Warren County, New York or a contiguous County. Scholastic record, financial need and a commitment to the successful completion of law school are amont the factors considered.
          Deadline: August 1
          Contact: Lisa Bushman at the Warren County Bar Association, 40 Dix Avenue – Suite C, Glens Falls, NY 12801, 518-792-9239 or online at:

              Thomas F. Black, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

              Award: $15,000
              Eligibility: Rhode Island residents;
              Entering first year of law school;
              Full-time student;
              Demonstrated good character, scholastic achievement, & financial need
              Deadline: March of each year
              Contact: – (401) 421-5740

                • RI
                Thomas M. McGovern Scholarship

                Award: $400 – $800 per year
                Eligibility: Bristol County, Massachusetts current & former residents;
                Completed 1 year of law school;
                Financial need
                Deadline: April of each year
                Sabra & Aspen, P.A.
                1026 County Street
                Somerset, MA 02726
       – (508) 990-1303

                  • MA
                  Thomas P. Thornton Scholarship

                  Award: $1,500
                  Eligibility: Irish descent (documented);
                  2nd & 3rd year law students with a 2.5 GPA or higher;
                  Documented financial need
                  Deadline: March of each year
                  Incorporated Society of Irish American Lawyers
                  c/o Stacey Harb
                  15140 Farmington Road
                  Livonia, MI 48154

                  • Diversity
                    Thomas T. Hayashi Memorial Scholarships

                    Award: amount not specified
                    Eligibility: Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) members;
                    Planning to enroll in an accredited law school;
                    Special consideration is given to applicants who demonstrate an interest in entering the legal profession as a means of securing justice for the disadvantaged;
                    Academic record, extracurricular activities, financial need, & community involvement
                    Deadline: March of each year
                    Contact: – (415) 921-5225

                    • Misc Org
                      Thompson Hine Minority Scholarship Program

                      Award: $10,000 and a position as a summer associate
                      Eligibility: second year minority law students (as defined in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regulations, 29 C.F.R. Part 1602, i.e., Native American or Alaskan native, Asian or Pacific Islander, African-American or Black and Hispanic). In order to be considered for the scholarship, an applicant must first be offered a position as a summer associate with Thompson Hine
                      Deadline: September of each year

                      • Diversity
                        Tonkon Torp 2008 1st Year Diversity Fellowship Program

                        Award: $7500 and a a summer associate position
                        Eligibility: The individual must be a member of a racial or ethnic minority group;
                        The individual must be a first-year law student in good standing for the degree of Juris Doctor at an ABA accredited law school;
                        The individual must demonstrate a record of academic achievement that evidences great promise for a successful career during the remainder of law school and in the legal profession;
                        The individual must contribute meaningfully to the diversity of the law school student body, and upon entering the legal profession, the legal community;
                        The individual must demonstrate a commitment to practice law in Portland, Oregon following graduation from law school;
                        While applicants need not disclose their financial circumstances, a demonstrated need for financial assistance may be taken into consideration.
                        Deadline: January of each year

                        • Diversity
                          Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP Diversity Scholarship Program

                          Award: $2,000
                          Eligibility: Students in good standing at ABA accredited law schools who are women and/or members of racial minorities;
                          Undergraduate or graduate degree in life sciences, engineering, or equivalent;
                          Demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in patent law in a city in which Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP has an office;
                          Work experience related to science, engineering or patent law
                          Deadline: September of each year

                          • Diversity
                          • Interest
                            Tulsa County Bar Foundation Law School Scholarship

                            Award: up to $2,500 per year
                            Eligibility: “Significant connection” to Tulsa County, Oklahoma (past/current residency in the county, attendance at Tulsa County schools, significant business or family connections in the county, or some combination of those);
                            1st year law students in the top 50% of their undergraduate class & have LSAT scores in the top 50% of the testing pool;
                            U.S. Citizenship;
                            Connection with Tusla County, academic record, extracurricular activities, record of leadership & initiative, commitment to the study & practice or teaching of law, character, work & life experience, & financial need
                            Deadline: May of each year
                            Contact: – (918) 584-5243

                              • OK
                              Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Annual 1L Summer Rotation Clerkship Program

                              *Award: varied
                              Eligibility: Completed one year of law school is eligible for this program. This program was
                              created to promote the Twin Cities legal community to 1L students of color and others outside of Minnesota
                              who are interested in exploring a legal career in the Twin Cities. Students from racial and ethnic groups
                              historically under-represented in the legal profession, including Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native
                              American and Latino/a students, are encouraged to apply.

                              • Diversity
                                UpRight Law Access to Advocacy Award Scholarship Contest

                                Contest is open to legal permanent residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia. Entrants must be either (1) currently registered in an accredited law school program; (2) currently accepted to a law school program; or (3) engaged in pre-law curriculum at an accredited four-year college. Scholarship will only be awarded to the winning entrant upon furnishing proof of law school registration; entrants who are accepted but not registered, or enrolled in pre-law course work, must register in a law school program to receive scholarship and must do so before July 15, 2019 or entrant/winner will be deemed to have forfeited his or her scholarship. Proof of identity and registration must be furnished upon request.

                                To enter the Contest, access the website during the Contest Period, complete the official entry form on the Contest website and submit it and the video entry as directed. Entry and related materials must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on May 31, 2015. Limit of one entry per person. No joint, group or team entries are allowed. All video submissions become property of UpRight Law.

                                The winning entrant will receive a $5,000.00 scholarship award for tuition, books, or fees.

                                Website and rules

                                    Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest

                                    Deadline: end of month

                                        Vincent S. Haneman-Joseph B. Perskie Memorial Foundation Scholarship Fund

                                        Award: $500 – $2,500
                                        Eligibility: Atlantic County, New Jersey residents;
                                        Accepted to law school;
                                        Academic ability, leadership potential, character, & financial need
                                        Deadline: August of each year
                                        Contact: Atlantic County Bar Association, Atlantic City, NJ
                                        (609) 345-3444

                                          • NJ
                                          Vision Zero Auto Awareness/Law School Scholarship

                                          Vision Zero is a multi-pronged attack on the causes of traffic accidents. It uses improved road safety (design-focused measures), driver education, and increased enforcement of traffic laws. This combination has been shown to dramatically reduce the number of traffic fatalities, and Boston Attorney John Sheehan is trying to raise awareness of the potential by offering a scholarship to students willing to focus on the issue of traffic safety.

                                          Amount: $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an applicant exclusively for law school tuition and related expenses.
                                          Candidates: Scholarship will be awarded to a first or second year law student, or entering law school in the Fall of 2015.
                                          Deadline: July
                                          Details & Application: (click on Scholarship at top of page)
                                          Scholarship offered by: Attorney John Sheehan

                                              Warner Norcross & Judd Law School Studies Scholarship

                                              Award: $5,000
                                              Eligibility: Minority students entering, accepted at, or currently attending an accredited law school within the U.S.;
                                              Michigan residents or connection to the state (e.g., family members reside in the state, student previously resided in the stae, applicant is attending school in the state)
                                              Deadline: April of each year
                                              Contact: – (616) 454-1751, ext. 103

                                              • Diversity
                                              • MI
                                              Waterbury Bar Association Scholarship

                                              Award: $1,500
                                              Eligibility: Waterbury (Connecticut) Judicial District residents;
                                              Entering final year of study at an accredited law school
                                              Deadline: April of each year
                                              Contact: Waterbury Bar Association, Waterbury, CT
                                              (203) 597-6363, ext. 244

                                                • CT
                                                Wayne County Bar Association Scholarship

                                                Award:amount not specified
                                                Eligibility: Graduates from a high school in Wayne County, Ohio;
                                                Planning to or attending accredited law school;
                                                Financial need is considered
                                                Deadline: June of each year
                                                Contact: – (330) 262-3877

                                                  • OH
                                                  Weigand Trust

                                                  Award: Full tuition, fees, book allowance, room and board allowance;
                                                  Eligibility: Must have been a legal resident of Kansas for at least ten years.
                                                  Deadline: February 15
                                                  Contact: Claudette Glenn (316) 943-5797,

                                                    • KS
                                                    WHEELCHAIR DISABILITY SCHOLARSHIP


                                                    Applicants must meet the following criteria

                                                    Applicant is currently enrolled at or accepted to a law school in the U.S.
                                                    Applicant is permanently confined to a wheelchair.
                                                    Applicant is willing to share his or her story with the general public. If applicant wishes to remain anonymous, all effort will be made to withhold the applicant’s identity and protect his or her anonymity.


                                                    Applicants must submit by February 28th

                                                    Award: $1000


                                                    • Disability
                                                      William A. McClain Scholarship

                                                      Award: $2,000
                                                      Eligibility: African American residing in Cincinnati, Ohio;
                                                      Enrolled in an accredited law school (any class standing);
                                                      Demonstrated leadership skills, have a commitment to the community & have financial need
                                                      Deadline: The deadline is February 19
                                                      Contact: Black Lawyers Association of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
                                                      Web site link:

                                                      • Diversity
                                                      • OH
                                                      William S. Kroger

                                                      Applicants must meet the following criteria:
                                                      Recipient is a U.S. citizen or otherwise authorized to work in the United States
                                                      Recipient is accepted, and will be attending their first year school in the fall of 2015
                                                      Academic achievement as reflected by an undergraduate cumulative minimum 3.0 GPA
                                                      Amount: $1,000
                                                      Applicants must submit the following by July 1st
                                                      - See more

                                                          Wolverine Bar Foundation Scholarship

                                                          Award: at least $500
                                                          Eligibility: Minority law students;
                                                          Michigan residents;
                                                          At least in 2nd year of law school;
                                                          Financial need, merit & an interview
                                                          Deadline: April of each year
                                                          Contact: – (313) 962-0250

                                                          • Diversity
                                                          • MI
                                                          Wood County Bar Association Memorial Fund

                                                          Award: $250
                                                          Eligibility: Connection to 1 of the following counties in West Virginia: Wood, Jackson, Ritchie, Wirt, or Pleasants. Residents of Washington County, Ohio are also eligible;
                                                          Academic record & financial need;
                                                          Deadline: April of each year
                                                          Contact: – (304) 428-GIFT

                                                              Zelle Hofmann Diversity Scholarship

                                                              Award: $30,000 to be applied towards the selected recipient’s law school tuition, fees, and text books, with one half of the scholarship paid for the student’s second year of law school and one half of the scholarship paid for the student’s third year of law school subject to the following: To receive the second installment of the scholarship, the recipient must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (or its equivalent) through the student’s second year of law school.

                                                              Eligibility: (1) are a member of a population or group whose background and perspectives are historically underrepresented in the private practice of law; or (2) demonstrate a long-standing commitment to diversity that will be furthered by award of the scholarship.

                                                              Deadline: April 1


                                                              • Diversity
                                                                Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

                                                                Award: Up to $2,500
                                                                Eligibility: Female; given for up to one year of full time study
                                                                Deadline: February 1

                                                                • Diversity


                                                                  NDLS Offers Online Certificate in Patent Prosecution


                                                                  The Certificate in Patent Prosecution is a 12-credit curriculum that prepares students to help inventors get patents. Certificate students learn the basics of patent law and the important skills that a patent agent will need to have: how to write a patent application, how to negotiate with the U.S. Patent Office on behalf of an inventor, how to determine whether an invention is patentable, and the ethical obligations of a patent agent.

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                                                                  Contact Info

                                                                  Office of Financial Aid
                                                                  115 Main Building
                                                                  Notre Dame, IN 46556

                                                                  P: 574.631.6436
                                                                  F: 574.631.6899

                                                                  More info here