Employment Opportunities


Employment Opportunities

As a student at Notre Dame Law School, we will encourage you to focus your attention on your studies, co-curricular and extracurricular endeavors. However, you may decide to work part-time. According to the ABA standard, full-time students may work up to 20 hours per week. For those students interested in working, you will find a number of opportunities on campus, as well as with employers around South Bend.

Assistant Rector Positions: An Assistant Rector (AR) is a head staff member who aids in the general administration of the residence facility and its programs. ARs live side by side with undergraduate students, serving as mentors and friends while also being expected to support and enforce University policies. Although specific responsibilities vary among residence halls, ARs are generally expected to attend weekly staff meetings, be on duty three to four nights per week, attend hall events, work with the hall government, and plan six hall programs per year.

ARs contract for each semester with a starting salary of approximately $7,000. During their appointment, ARs enjoy a furnished room and meal plan. ARs also enjoy a tuition assistance benefit for three credit hours per semester. A significant majority of the ARs on campus are law students. Students may serve as Assistant Rectors beginning in their second year. For additional information, please visit the AR Application page. The Office of Housing typically opens the application in early-December.

Graduate and Teaching Assistant positions: Several law students serve as Graduate or Teaching Assistants during their second and third years. Assistantships are an opportunity to earn a stipend to assist with living expenses. Notre Dame has a set work-week limit of 17.5 hours for teaching assistants. On average, Notre Dame students work about 15 hours a week and typically the salary for these positions is $2,000.00 per semester. This stipend is taxable income (federal, state and county); there is no Federal Income Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) withholding for students.

Research Assistant positions: Approximately 20 to 30 law students serve as research assistants for our faculty each year. These positions are held during the academic year or summer. Faculty members advertise these positions via e-mail. Typical pay is $11 per hour.

Other: If you are interested in other on-campus employment, visit the student employment JOBboard or Human Resources.


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