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Students interested in attending Notre Dame Law School may choose to apply via two applications – the Law School Admissions Council Application (LSAC App) or the Notre Dame Law School Application (NDLS App).

The NDLS App has been designed so as to provide a fast and easy way for students to apply to the Law School. Please note that the Law School will waive the application fee of those students who apply via the NDLS App. While the NDLS App may be especially useful for applicants who have not yet begun the LSAC Application process for other schools, all applicants are welcome to use either application.

When considering how to apply, please know that both applications ask the same questions and are given the same consideration by the Admissions Committee.

Please note that the Office of Admissions still requires that applicants who use the NDLS App also submit all required documents as outlined in our application instructions. The Admissions Office will contact applicants following the submission of the NDLS App to complete this process. We ask that applicants provide these required documents within two weeks of submitting the NDLS App and that the required documents are sent to the Admissions Committee as .pdf attachments.

While the NDLS App comes with an automatic fee waiver, the Law School cannot waive any fees associated with services rendered by LSAC (e.g., submitting CAS Reports, sitting for the LSAT, etc.). LSAC may waive these fees if the applicant has received an LSAC Fee Waiver which includes two LSATs and four CAS Reports. More information about the LSAC Fee Waiver can be found here.

Students may use either the LSAC or NDLS applications to apply via Early or Regular Decision. Early Decision is a binding process intended for applicants who have researched their law school options and think NDLS is their top choice. Applying to NDLS via Early Decision allows applicants to express their special interest in attending the Law School. Early Decision applicants are given priority review and will be notified of both admission and scholarship status (if admitted) by the end of December. Regular Decision candidates will be notified of their status on a rolling basis beginning in December and will learn their scholarship status (if admitted) beginning in mid-February.

For further information about the application process, please refer to the J.D. Application Information section of our website.

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