East London


East London

manasi_1_web Manasi Raveendran’s (J.D. ‘12) research explored the situation of migrants in the United Kingdom and she was hosted by the Contextual Theology Centre. Her investigation and experience focused on East London and the Borough of Tower Hamlets, also known as Banglatown for the high population density of Bangladeshi Muslims. She met with a wide-range of prominent academics, politicians, lawyers and activists engaged in issues around migration; she also attended community events and meetings around the challenges migrants face.

Ms. Raveendran’s case study, “Bloody Foreigners!: The Capabilities of Migrants in the UK” discusses questions around identity and British citizenship, whether human capabilities of migrants fostered or not, and the specific situations of migrant children in detention, temporary migrant workers, and asylum seekers.

manasi_2_web Reflecting on her summer experience, Ms Raveendran explains: “Working in London as part of the PLHD was a unique law school experience. My research and work in London around migrant rights and capabilities has inspired me to work on those issues after graduation at an organization that addresses migrants’ issues in a comprehensive and holistic manner.”

Read Ms. Raveendran’s case study ‘Bloody Foreigners!’ The Capabilities of Migrants in the UK (PDF Version)