Second and Third Years


In addition to first-year courses, students must successfully complete the courses listed below prior to graduation:

  • One or more courses totaling at least 3 hours that provide substantial instruction in legal ethics
  • Jurisprudence (3 hours)
  • An upper-level skills course
  • Upper-Level Writing Requirement: Students must complete this requirement before enrolling in their final semester.

Before the start of registration for any semester, the appropriate associate dean shall publish a list that identifies all of the courses that will be offered during that semester that will satisfy the legal ethics requirement and the upper-level skills course requirement.

Students who enter prior to the fall of 2010 must also successfully complete the following courses prior to graduation:

  • Business Associations (4 hours)
  • Federal Taxation (4 hours)
  • One of the following ethics courses (in lieu of the 3-hour legal ethics requirement listed above):

    • Ethics II
    • Legal Aid I and Ethics;
    • Legal Externship Ethics
    • Professional Responsibility